Monday, 20 August 2007

How to be happy and peaceful

Happiness is difficult to define and even harder to measure. We experience it as a combination of elements, in the same way that one wheel or spring inside a watch doesn't keep time — it is a result of the synchronicity of the whole. As a relative state, happiness is what psychologists call our "subjective well-being" and, fortunately for us, it is a state that we can actively change for the better.
These are a few ways which will make you feel happy:
1.Play with kids :according to psycologists playing with kids or just watching them has positive effects on your mind.

2.Mediatate: or Sit in a room for few minutes and think about the good things.Count your blessings once a week and this will make you happy.
3.Play a sport: Work out as hard as you can. Take a walk so your stress will take a hike. Moving your body releases endorphins, the quintessential feel-good chemicals found in your brain.

4.Be Happy and positive:Happiness can lead to success, rather than just the other way around. Happy individuals are predisposed to seek out new opportunities and set new goals.

5.Do new things or try to do old things in new ways :Learn new things like new game
6.Talk about the good and bad things with others :Talking about things makes your heart lighter and helps you overcome negative thoughts.Talking about a negative experience made the emotional intensity of that memory fade faster than if the event had not been recounted.

7.Be flexible and have balance between work and home :People who establish boundaries between work and home are more connected to their families and have less conflict than those who integrate the two.
Happiness is not rocket science,it is a state of mind.It all depends on you to make yourself happy.

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